Lost Letters of Love
The concert of original ballet and music

White Nights Artistic Society (non-profit organisation) presents:
"Lost Letters of Love" - is a unique project, a collaboration of original modern choreography, live music, graphics, and poetry in one performance.

Every day we write letters and send countless messages to each other. Sometimes it is just meaningless chatter or correspondence at work, and sometimes one notification, one line of a message, that appears on the phone screen can turn into an epigraph to the most important love story or rewrite the whole chapter of our lives.

Our project Lost letters is about dialogues and silence, endless love and a cold wall of misunderstanding, fears, and pain hidden deep inside, and tenderness and loneliness. About everything that we can find in lost and unsent letters to ourselves, to our loved ones, or eternity.

We will tell 10 letter-stories in the language of dance, music, poetry, and graphic drawing.

Performers and authors:

Soloists of the Mariinsky Theater:

Alina Krasovskaya (choreographer, dancer)

Alexander Romanchikov (dancer)

Young musicians, representatives of the Russian, American, and Argentina musical schools:

Polina Krasovskaya (composer, violinist, pianist)

Camila Lima (soprano)

Arseniy Gusev (composer, pianist)

Sergey Nesterov (composer, pianist, baritone)

Students of Dmitri Kulev Classical Ballet Academy:

Haven Anneliese Ward

Luke Alcaraz

Grafic artist:

Elina Kuzmicheva

7.00 PM | February 10| Coronado High school
6.30 PM | February 11| Century High School (SAUSD)

Lost Letters of Love
Get tickets for the concert in San Diego (Coronado High School):
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Contact us:
+1 9492078413
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